“Listen, Partisan!” on the Frog Hollow Press Chapbook Contest Shortlist


As announced yesterday on the Twitter account for Frog Hollow Press, my chapbook manuscript, “Listen, Partisan!”, has been shortlisted for the Frog Hollow Press Chapbook Contest! The winner of the contest will be announced next week, but even the shock of getting shortlisted knocked me on my ass! The other manuscripts on the shortlist are:

Daniel Cowper‘s “An Appetite for Time”
Brian Palmu‘s “Sunset Mathematics”
Shaun Robinson‘s “Manmade Clouds”
Carl Watts‘ “Reissue”
Jim Roberts’ “Left Shoulder Voices”
Andy Verboom and David Huebert‘s “Full Mondegreens”
Janice Colbert‘s “Rose and Brine”
Dominique Bernier-Cormier‘s “Scheduled Mist”

Congrats to all the other shortlisted poets, and I hope everyone has as much of a restless-leg week of anticipation as I expect to have! Thanks also to the contest judges and editors at Frog Hollow Press! End of exclamation marks!

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